ORO Luxury Carnival

ORO Luxury Carnival

About Oro

About Oro

The Golden Life

ORO’s mission is to transform the carnival masquerader’s experience by offering them a taste of the ‘Golden Life’; a total Luxury Carnival experience, which includes creative and high-quality costumes, premium drinks and food, a safe space to enjoy their carnival portrayal and a range of golden moments on the road.

At ORO we looked at carnival from a fresh perspective through the lenses of the masquerader, the sponsor and the entrepreneur. ORO, which is the Spanish word for ‘Gold’ was chosen to represent the band, as the group of local professionals behind the band set out to create a ‘gold standard’ in the local Carnival industry.

Where are we?

The ORO Mas Camp is located at the top floor of the GCNA complex on Kirani Boulevard in St. Georges. The Mas camp will open in 2022. Visit us at the mas camp to view our spectacular costume showcase following our launch . You can also purchase signature ORO merchandise or simply hang with us and enjoy the music and the vibe.

Stay tuned for more!

Our Team:

Lyndon Langdon – Band Leader
Sandra Hordatt – Creative Director
Sheldon Alexander – Logistics
Hanna Forsyth – Human Resources
Denisher Frank – Production
Sheldon Keens-Douglas – Marketing

Our Designers:

Sandra Hordatt
Tanya Palmer
Richard Dookdheen
Crystal Aming Marcus
David Dewer
Sean Dhanraj
Aniona Hamid

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